Precision Bolts [ Addon ]

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TLDR read the bold text.

Precision Bolts is a blender addon developed to bring an array of mathematically accurate Bolts, Nuts & Threaded Rod along with (alpha) screws to the precision world of Blender. Not only that, it's all encapsulated inside the closest thing to a "parametric" system, giving you the ability to change everything on the fly.

Minimum version: Blender 2.92


This is "BETA" release there have recently been some pretty big changes to the addon, so if you experience any bugs consistent bugs that you are able to replicate or have any future development ideas I would love to hear from you. The best place is in the maker tales discord in the Precision Bolts channel link: HERE.

The add-on is available for download for $8. With that said it would be greatly appreciated if you have the means to pay the suggested $15 as this will facilitate further development of this addon along with other precision addons for blender.

All future developments are included!
This is a one-time purchase...
Of course, further donations are always welcome if you feel there granted =)

- How to use & Getting Started -

  • Install the addon like any other Blender addon Edit > Preferences > Add-on's > Install (the whole zip file)
    • Be sure that the add-on is enabled and has a tick mark next to it.
  • Once installed open the add menu in the 3D Viewport (Shift + A) Look for "Fasteners" and add a bolt.
  • Then go to object properties > Fastener and click the little refresh icon to generate the preset Icons.

If you have any trouble with this take a look to the video: Here

- Change Log -
Precision Bolts 0.1.4

  • Improved defaults.
  • Improved normals handling.
  • Improved thumbnail generation consistency.
  • Addison of standardized, head, driver and 3d printing presets.
  • Improved preset system.
  • Improved 3D "tolerance" slider Now only affects thread values rather than normal scaling.
  • Performance optimisation.
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Precision Bolts [ Addon ]

23 ratings
I want this!