Outline To SVG

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Looking for a Blender 3.0+ addon that will let you export the outline of your 3D models into .svg files, in the correct scale without losing your mm perfect precision you have worked so hard to achieve? Be it for graphic design, laser cutting or CNC, getting an accurate vector outline of your 3D design is now possible with Outline to SVG.

Outline To SVG

Developed with the sole intention of exporting dimensionally accurate vector files out of Blender to be used in other applications such as laser cutting, CNC and Graphic Design.

Support Outline To SVG

If you have found this addon helpful please consider supporting me on patreon or providing a one-off donation via gumroad. Funds will be used to maintain and update Outline To SVG along with the development of other creative / precision / CAD styled addons.


​Outline to svg v2 could not be easier to install.

​Step 1. Download the zip file. (Do not unzip it the whole zip is the addon)

Step 2. Go into Blender and install it like any other addon.


If you are looking for mm accuracy be sure you set up your blender file for mm precision here is a video explaining how: https://youtu.be/R-Vq2O-hvfo

How to use Outline To SVG

Step 1. Go to whatever view you would like to export an SVG from.

Step 2. Set where you want the export to go.

Step 3. Make sure you are in orthographic view if you want mm accuracy and blender setup for precision.

Step 4. Press Export SVG. (wait for a little, maybe a lot if you have a VERY complicated file)

Step 5. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that export form your viewport will give you a canvas as close to your outline as possible, and exporting from a camera view will give you a canvas/artboard the size of your camera view.

Outline To SVG Commissioned by Jonathan Kobylanski / Maker Tales
Developed by Ben Morrison

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Outline To SVG

222 ratings
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