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Measurable [Blender Addon]

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In a nutshell Measurable is a Blender addon that makes it easy to create technical-style drawings in Blender. Providing a comprehensive set of tools to create technical-style drawings in Blender, with a wide range of measurement types and easy-to-use settings to customize measurements to suit your needs.

Minimum Blender Requierment: 3.4.1

The addon is available for download for $3. With that said it would be greatly appreciated if you have the means to pay the suggested $8 as this will facilitate further development of this addon along with other precision addons for blender.

Measurable also includes extra tools such as adding a line style to active objects, adding an empty at the center of a circle defined by 3 points, and adding an empty at the average point of multiple selected points or objects.

Measurable Quick Start Guide:

  • Select a mesh and Create a measurement container by going to the "Measurable" tab in the N-Panel, and in the "Container Properties" subpanel, click "Add Measurement Container to Selected"
  • Select the reference object, depending on the measurement you want to add, and then select the container, from here add the desired measurement. ( Keep in mind, by hovering over the buttons you'll get more tooltips the guide you. )
  • Once you click the measurement you want to add and open the operator 'redo' panel to adjust any major settings.
  • To change settings for a whole container at once, select the container and adjust the settings under "Shared Measurement Settings"
  • To change settings for a specific measurement, select the measurement in the container sub panel and adjust the settings under "Individual Measurement Settings" be sure to adjust the "Override" option if you don't want these settings to be changed again via the "Shared Measurement Settings"

Keep in mind that this is a simplified version of how to use the Measurable, and you might want to look into the official documentation for more detailed information. HERE

Measurable operations

Measurement Types:

  • 2-Object Length
  • Angle
  • Circle Measurements
    • Inner and outer diameter
    • Convex and concave radius
  • Edge Length
  • Face Area

Notation Types:

  • Text Block (No Arrow)
  • Text Callout (With Arrow)
  • Center Points
  • Center & symmetry lines

Other Operations:

  • Setting a camera so that all dimensions and text point towards it.
  • Create a measurement container
  • Add measurements to the container
  • Adjust settings for all measurements associated to a container
  • Show or hide all measurements
  • Change material and color of measurement lines and text.
  • One-click overlay material creation
  • Override shared settings for individual measurements
  • Text supports Python Escape Characters e.g. /n = New line
  • and quite a bit more!

Useful links

Johnny Matthews Patreon (Developer)

Maker Tales Discord (Has A Measurable Channel)

Measurable Documentation

Transparency Statement:
Maker Tales is working in partnership with Johnny Matthews to distribute and bring attention to Measurable. Any revenue to this listing is split 80% after fees to Johnny Matthews and the other 20% to Maker Tales to further support Blender precision workflows. If you would like to make a donation that only goes directly to Johnny Matthews here is his Patreon.

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Measurable [Blender Addon]

17 ratings
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